Microwave Network Link

A microwave radio solution enables analogue and digital data to be transmitted between two fixed locations.

Going the Distance. Long Range Communications Assured with Microwave

Built for deployment as a long-distance communications solution, a Microwave network link enables the transmission of large amounts of data in locations or scenarios where traditional long-range options might be unavailable. Effectively, Microwave is acknowledged as the wireless alternative to traditional wired or fibre optic connection.

Microwave network links are built through the fixture of a microwave antenna to a communication tower. The connection will only be accessible in the vicinity of where a direct link is established between two fixed units and can run data in multiple forms, whether it be audio, video or data.

The full distance capacity of a microwave link varies dependent on the size of the antenna, the frequency band and link capacity. To maintain link connectivity, a clear line of sight between the two units is critical.

Scalable and Customisable to Suit User Requirements

Used predominantly in 4G & 5G LTE backhaul networks, 2G (GSM) and 3G (UMTS) mobile operators, wireless metropolitan area networks (Wi-MAN) and corporate networks, Microwave links are a preferred communication channel due to their ease of setup and flexible adjustment/moveability.

The way a microwave network link is rolled out can vary dependent on a client’s deployment area, budget and desired features. Generally speaking, a link will consist of a radio unit and an antenna, with the radio unit classed as either “Full Outdoor”, “Split Mount” or “Full Indoor”.

Microwave network links can either be established on a licensed or unlicensed frequency bands. However, if its intended use is classed as commercial, a licensed band will be required.

For the purpose of privacy and security, licensed is often the primary form of frequency band chosen by users.

From Recommendation to a Running Solution, CSE Crosscom has you Covered

As a turnkey communication solutions provider, CSE Crosscom will not only provide you with relevant information relating to Microwave equipment and programming, but will manage the tower installation, connect the units and ensure the functionality of the final system.

When consulting with customers on the best path forward, we consider factors of distance, capacity, line of sight availability, licensing costs and existing infrastructure or equipment in place.