When communication is critical, CSE Crosscom’s P25 solutions deliver reliable connections to coordinate your teams with ease and efficiency.

P25 large-scale radio networks and high-capacity volume

P25 radio communication is designed to meet the needs of public safety applications and teams operating in critical environments, where interoperability with existing legacy analogue radio systems is required.

It is widely used in Australia for the Government Radio Network (GRN) and is the system used by Police, Fire and Ambulance services. Used by public safety organisations, P25 radio communication is easy to use, tough and puts emergency services in greater control of safety and response time. P25 is also regularly used in mining environments due to having the ability to work under high power to provide larger coverage areas in comparison to other technologies such as TETRA.

Taking full advantage of the P25 digital two-way radio standard, such as Motorola’s APX™ series, provides reliable communication in all environments, guaranteed interoperability with other P25 technologies on both digital and analogue modes and a rugged construction built to handle the rigours of fieldwork.

Benefits of P25 Radio Communication

  • ATEX and intrinsically safe rated hardware options
  • Recognised interoperability
  • Frequency flexibility
  • Fast key up times
  • Secure communications
  • Operates at a public safety grade standard
  • Protected by digital encryption for increased privacy
  • Vocoder converts voice information to digital data
  • Multiple interfaces for interoperability

Motorola Solutions APX™ P25 Series Devices

Mission-critical operations depend on the performance and reliability of uncompromising communications. The Motorola APX™ P25 two-way radios are purpose-built with sophisticated technology, toughness and precise ergonomic controls.

From affordable single-band radios and ultra-rugged firefighter radios to all-band radios with advanced touch and voice assistant features, the APX series has the technology and functionality to meet your requirements.

Motorola Solutions APX™ P25 Features

  • All-day battery life
  • Advanced background noise suppression, high-powered speakers and automatic gain control.
  • Virtual partner allowing you to perform routine work in response to voice commands.
  • Provides best-choice connectivity, automatically switching to the strongest available signal.
  • Comfortable, convenient and intuitive, designed with the user in mind.

A system developed by public safety communications officials

Offering highly reliable and secure communications, P25 radio communication ensures quality is preserved between high and weak received signals and operates in two modes:


Offering all the simplistic benefits of a digital radio, P25 Phase 1 conventional is an easy-to-operate two-way radio system. However, the network is not suitable for large user groups, with a risk of communications becoming congested quickly.


Using the full 12.5kHz spectrum, P25 Phase 1 trunked offers the benefit of private person-to-person calls and ease of data integration, such as over-the-air programming, but offers fewer support channels.