TETRA delivers communications for demanding or crisis situations, offering interoperable connectivity to operate on a single network.

TETRA Radio Communications for improved productivity

TETRA or Terrestrial Trunked Radio is a globally recognised and trusted two-way radio communication technology, delivering sophisticated communications for demanding or crisis situations. TETRA communication solutions offer interoperable manufacturer connectivity to operate on a single network.

Operating under the standards set by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), TETRA meets international communication requirements and has options to use intrinsically safe, ATEX rated hardware.

Benefits of TETRA Radio Communications

  • Easy to operate – robust, high capacity, real-time and instant
  • Superior voice quality with integrated data transmission
  • Inbuilt voice security
  • Interoperability between brands
  • Perfect for high-capacity, mission-critical operations
  • Compatible with centralised call control systems
  • Multiple technology partners
  • Operated under a global standard
  • Efficient spectrum usage
  • Secure and reliable communications

Motorola’s TETRA Devices Deliver Reliable Mission-Critical Communications

Motorola Solutions TETRA devices are designed for frontline workers and mission-critical communications, from military and emergency services to transport monitoring and mine-site applications. Compact and easy to use, Motorola Solutions TETRA devices provide clear audio in even the noisiest conditions. Over-The-Air Programming, Bluetooth connectivity and Near-Field Communication (NFC) round out the package, enabling system updates long into the future and full integration across smartphone networks.

Motorola TETRA Features

  • Intelligent noise suppression technology, wind mitigation and a 2W loudspeaker.
  • Programmable buttons, intuitive Push To Talk (PTT) functionality and Over-The-Air Programming (OTAP) update capabilities.
  • Compact, lightweight, and rugged devices, boasting up to 22 hours of battery life, bright OLED display and vibration alerts for high performance in mission-critical settings.

The leading choice for efficient, safe and responsive communications

With a powerful capacity to transmit data, TETRA delivers a high-end solution for projects of any scale and location. Maintaining the characteristics and advantages of a private land mobile radio system, TETRA’s capabilities go beyond voice integrating with multiple technologies and vendors to meet the needs of unique projects and sites.

A popular choice for mine sites, oil and gas projects, industrial and large area environments, TETRA combines the features of a mobile cellular device such as advanced handset features and duress systems with the fast data communication and working group capabilities of a private mobile radio.

Suited to medium to high-capacity trunked networks, TETRA allows for multiple talk-groups in high-traffic volume and low-coverage areas.

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