Communication Applications

Enable interoperability between radios, mobile phones, computers and other devices with Communication Applications from CSE Crosscom.

All the benefits of a radio made available on mobile

The capabilities of modern digital radios are extensive and not to be downplayed in any respect, but as with any technology solution, there are user and device requirements that may also be addressed using applications (Apps)

Enabling interoperability between radios, mobile phones, computers and other devices is unlocked simply by integrating Push to Talk over Cellular (often referenced as PoC or PTT) capabilities. The world of integrated, multi-device PoC/PTT communications hosts benefits that seek to address common challenges in a variety of operating scenarios.

With decades of communications experience, CSE Crosscom can comfortably recommend a solution to best suit your operations or functionality requirements, whether it be investing in an application to operate on existing smart devices and enable connectivity with your regular radios, or investing in dedicated rugged PoC/PTT devices.

Benefits of Communication Applications

  • Group and private voice calls
  • Real-time voice and video calls
  • Text and multimedia sharing
  • Geofencing and geolocation
  • GPS location tracking and PC dispatch
  • Interoperability between devices
  • Boost collaboration across teams
  • Flexible and scalable communications
  • Seamless roaming
  • No complex training is required to get teams talking

Through the use of dedicated mobile apps as a communication tool, there is no requirement for investment in network infrastructure or frequency licensing, as the functionality of a PoC/PTT product can be achieved when the application is installed on existing smart devices connected to a Cellular or WiFi network.

However, it is important to note that limitations may apply when using a mobile phone as a dedicated PoC/PTT device along with your communication, dependent on access to a cellular or WiFi network.

A dedicated device will offer the advantage of possessing a hybrid build and design of the best features specific to a radio or smart device respectively.