Case Studies


Quay Quarter Tower Precinct Redevelopment


The Client

Wilson Security is one of Australia’s premium security contractors with circa 6500 employees over 13 offices throughout Australia. One of Wilson’s Tier 1 clients is QQT Precinct in the Sydney CBD, where they provide comprehensive security services including 24/7 guards at each of the commercial real-estate buildings.

The Challenge

Wilson Security was adamant such a high-profile project required a leading-edge integrated security system. A system that integrated both Voice Communications and Mobile Visual data communications to meet the clients’ criteria;

  • Develop centrally managed pro-active security practices across all 7000 plus Commercial and Residential tenants, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Reduce the contractual risk by the integration of a system reliant on process, not people given the industry shortage of experienced staff
  • Automate statutory reporting requirements and provide “proof-of-service” verification
  • National support and collaborative turn-key integration services

CSE Crosscom partnered with Wilson Security to engineer a solution that seamlessly integrated Motorola’s Safety Reimagined Eco-systems utilising the ION Android Hybrid Radio units with Daelibs Workforce Guidance BLT tracking system.

The Solution

The system utilised Motorola’s Capacity Plus single-site trunking network connected to a custom distributed antenna system spanning across the buildings 55 floors including 5 basement floors.

This private radio network provides Wilson Security the ability to patrol the building and surrounds with 100% coverage throughout the building with a private dedicated network ensuring optimum uptime and reliability.

The use of the Motorola ION digital radio and LTE hybrid devices allows Wilson Security to carry a single device to both communicate on the private radio network and use 4G LTE applications.

Additional apps were integrated within the solution to provide additional compliance reporting using Bluetooth beacons to provide anchor point references for the Motorola ION devices to be able to locate themselves within the building.

With the use of these beacons, CSE Crosscom in partnership with Daelibs can formulate an effective and time saving safety and compliance workflow to ensure that security staff and general public are kept safe.

This includes the automation of identifying security personnel within the buildings and ensuring they are checking for security breaches periodically as well as providing real-time voice alerts of safety hazards.

A single control room operational centre was delivered by way of seamless Software integration by the CSE teams including Motorola Ally, TRBONet and Daelibs.