For moments when optimised plant productivity, uptime, safety and security are critical.

As the manufacturing industry has evolved to meet consumer trends and expectations, teams are working harder than ever to keep up with the demands. From small and large manufacturing plants to data centres and automated distribution centres, CSE Crosscom understands environments where plant productivity, uptime, safety, and security is key.

The better connected your teams are, the more productive they’ll be. With reliable, uninterrupted communications that leverage data throughout the product lifecycle to create flexible manufacturing processes, your people will feel empowered to always do their best work.

CSE Crosscom has the necessary expertise to set up these technically complex, large-scale solutions backed by our network of 18 offices across Australia and New Zealand.

Connecting people with a reliable communication solution

Safety, productivity, and uptime all depend on the ability to confidently make fast and accurate decisions. Effortlessly connect your teams and enable your teams to seamlessly adapt to changing conditions.

Technologies such as two-way radios play a pivotal role in connecting your workforce, dismantling communication barriers, enhancing worker safety, and ensuring access to critical information when it’s needed.

Enabling scalable and reliable connectivity is essential for keeping your plant and people connected, safe and secure.

With technology from Lone Worker Monitoring, Fatigue Management and Man Down Alerts to integrated video security, CSE Crosscom implements solutions to keep workers safe. Each solution is designed and configured to the unique requirements of our manufacturing customers to protect workers and detect when a worker is in danger with advanced safety features and instant communication.

Prevention or management of theft and vandalism, safeguarding your teams, as well as ensuring that workers meet safety protocols in operations are some of the many benefits that an integrated security solution delivers in the manufacturing sector.

Technology solutions for built for manufacturing

Today’s digital systems seamlessly integrate hardware, software, radio, and broadband technology to provide instant communication and data access throughout your entire manufacturing plant. This enables you to effortlessly connect your teams and reach every element within your facility within a matter of seconds.

Radio Integration

Two-way radios, smart radios and digital applications offer instant push-to-talk communication allowing users to have situation awareness, and coordination to improve emergency responses. For customers using more than one device, the convergence of technology, device rationalisation and management has significantly improved to ensure standardisation and reduce device management costs while maintaining corporate cyber standards.

radio integration into other subsystems such as wifi, scada, plc and IOT systems.

SCADA Remote Terminal Units integrate seamlessly across your entire radio network, so your teams can leverage your current infrastructure for powerful process automation and more expansive communication capabilities.

WAVE eliminates the barriers between communication systems so your teams can collaborate seamlessly, whether they’re on smartphones, tablets, PCs or radios. It also gives you worldwide access to plants, offices and even customers, thanks to internet enabled mobile solutions.

Indoor Location Tracking

Indoor-location tracking means your people can locate everyone and everything in your facility within seconds, thanks to Bluetooth-powered iBeacons placed around your facility.

Software-based dispatch capability allows GPS tracking, voice recording, messaging, and analytics. CSE Crosscom supports a variety of software applications that are based on the latest technology and fully integrated with your radio network, allowing coordination with teams through a contact and command centre.

Personnel Safety

Today’s radios are integrated with features like “man down” and “lone worker.” It means radios can call for help when people can’t, and initiate emergency alerts if radios are inactive for longer than usual.

System Monitoring

System Monitoring apps let your people check radio network failures, get real-time workflow status alerts by SMS or email, record calls, and analyse any radio congestions. They also offer live diagnostics.

Messaging and Alerting

You can even send texts and emails to radios now. And not just from phones – from tablets and even desktop computers. It means your teams can receive equipment and status alerts from a range of sources, and notify technicians from a single interface.

Alarm management apps enable your team members to respond rapidly, letting you monitor and remotely operate doors, gates, lights, sprinklers and more.


To optimise coverage and transmission of communications, CSE Crosscom utilises state-of-the-art, sustainable antenna, tower and shelter infrastructure.

CSE Crosscom delivers Microwave and IP-based back-haul infrastructure to securely and seamlessly transport critical data back to the central servers, enhancing site connectivity and communications.

Today’s digital radios provide wider coverage than ever before, including underground areas where cellular networks can’t reach.

Engage an expert at any or all stages of your project

CSE Crosscom offers end-to-end communication and security solutions from design and to implementation and support for a scalable solution fit for the future. As a preferred supplier of industry-leading technology, CSE Crosscom delivers innovative solutions tailored for the manufacturing industry.

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