Optimising the Retail Experience

In an industry that relies on creating a positive customer experience, a business radio solution (BRS) is a small implementation that can make a world of difference. Increase operational efficiencies from quick order fulfillment and attentive customer service to keeping your staff and customers safe with a connected team. With seamless, instant communication enabling your team to work together at every moment.

CSE Crosscom’s range of easy-to-use radio devices, related products and accessories allow users to focus their time on customer service, operate through and beyond standard retail shifts with 18-hour battery performance, integrate with a business’s existing CCTV for better staff safety – and more.

With metropolitan and regional locations across Australia and New Zealand, CSE Crosscom CSE Crosscom has the reach, capabilities and expertise to implement scalable end-to-end communications and security solutions.

Outcomes of an Integrated Radio Solution in Retail

Combining push-to-talk radio with Wi-Fi-powered cloud connectivity, the use of a business radio solution in retail operations has benefits for employers, employees, and customers, including:

Adjust to demands

When demands for additional services or checkouts increase, seamlessly adapt using CSE’s business radio solutions to mobilise staff.

Stock replenishment

Greater efficiencies and coordination for the stock filling process. Manager and filler communications to prioritise efforts.

Causal staff training

During peak periods when casual staff requirements increase, provide them with the team’s support and quick Q&A.

Reduce noise pollution

Seamless, direct communication between staff reduces the need for a PA system. Personnel channel accessibilities can be adjusted so that internal communications are less cluttered.

Staff location

Increases the ability to locate staff members in larger facility spaces through radio contact, significantly reducing man hours.

Theft prevention

Radio alert capabilities and having radios on staff can act as a physical deterrent.

Worker safety

‘Man down’ feature ensures worker safety in the event they have suffered a fall or accident by dispatching an alarm to the appropriate operator group when the device detects a lack of movement, horizontal tilt, or both.

Enhance Retail Worker Security with Body Worn Cameras

Various roles in the retail industry can pose a combination of health and safety hazards, particularly in terms of undertaking physically demanding tasks, through to the increased risk of violence and harassment that stems from working in a publicly accessible environment.

Employees can protect their people and promote a safety-first approach to their operations through the use of body-worn cameras for all staff. The benefits of Body Worn Cameras include

Customisable and fully integrated enterprise mobile video solution with full 720p HD video recording, 3 hours continuous recording capability.

Technology solutions to optimise service delivery and safety

Business Radio

Purpose-built for the retail and hospitality industries, the Curve radio combines simple, intuitive radio operation with advanced, Wi-Fi-enabled features that connect your team and enhance productivity.

Combining push-to-talk radio with Wi-Fi-powered cloud connectivity, the Curve radio provides clear, robust communications and advanced features with intuitive operation.

Body Worn Cameras

With straightforward setup and activation, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing communications systems for a clear feed of events on the ground, as they happen, body worn cameras deter threatening behaviour and increase the safety of others in the immediate vicinity.

Fixed Cameras

Find and share critical intelligence faster, so you can respond to events with the speed and decisiveness that keeps people, operations and assets safe.

Suited to any requirements or complexity, CSE Crosscom delivers a comprehensive range of end-to-end video security solutions, built to adapt as requirements change and evolve as technology advances and new threats emerge.

Video Analytics

Streamline operational efficiency and elevate safety with real-time previews and automated alerts. CSE Crosscom offers secure, scalable, and user-friendly video analytics and management solutions that extend visibility across multiple sites and locations.

Curve Portal

Designed specifically for managing the Curve Voice Assistance. Taking advantage of the Curve’s Wi-Fi capabilities, the Portal provides real-time key performance indicators and metrics, which can be used to track radio and personnel productivity.


CSE Crosscom delivers a range of accessories to enhance your technologies. From earpieces and clips to multi-unit charging ports, our range of accessories will complement the solution to meet your needs.

Optimising the Customer Experience with Business Radio Solutions

A connected team increases operational efficiencies from quick order fulfillment and attentive customer service to keep your staff and customers safe. Making this happen requires seamless, instant communication enabling your team to work together at every moment.

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CSE Crosscom delivers comprehensive solutions tailored to the retail industry.

CSE Crosscom offers end-to-end communication and security solutions from design and to implementation and support for a scalable solution fit for the future. As a preferred supplier of industry-leading technology, CSE Crosscom delivers innovative solutions tailored for the retail industry.

Recent Work

LynnMall Shopping Centre

LynnMall is New Zealand’s first shopping centre, opening its doors in 1963 and has remained a retail staple for Auckland’s western suburbs for over 50 years. In light of a terrorist attack, CSE Crosscom implemented an advanced security solution with body worn cameras and communication devices to increase the safety of staff and customers.