Two-way radio communications for the evolving needs of the construction industry

With the growth in construction activity nationwide, on-site teams face unique challenges in establishing effective communication over expansive areas and across multiple teams and locations.

The building and construction industry is increasingly embracing two-way radios as the primary communication tool onsite. Unlike alternative methods, two-way radios provide immediate, real-time communication capabilities, enabling swift decision-making, efficient problem-solving and seamless coordination among team members.

As the demand for enhanced communication in this dynamic sector persists, it begs the question: How do the latest advancements in two-way radio solutions address the evolving needs of the industry?

Ensure the Safety of Your Team

Building strong communication channels via two-way radio is a practical solution to enable the relaying of important site information across large areas to ensure construction workers remain safe.

Two-way radios provide an efficient communication tool between supervisors, contractors and workers, allowing them to quickly respond to emergencies, hazards, accidents or potential risks. Certain channels can be reserved only in the case of emergency to ensure there are clear lines of communication to transmit only the most important of information to navigate crisis situations as safely as possible.

Other devices such as mobile phones can often be a distraction on construction sites. By adopting two-way radios as your main communication tool, you can ensure team members remain focused on the job.

Coordinate Larger Teams Efficiently

To communicate effectively between onsite teams with real time speed, two-way radios contain multiple channels that can be used for different purposes to deliver reliable and instant communication. Channels can be separated according to customer needs – from general channels to relay important information to all devices, to private channels between two individuals. This allows construction teams to better coordinate between team members and allows supervisors to transfer tasks instantaneously.

Two-way radios are also effective tools in delivering optimal communication through noisy environments like construction sites, with multiple sound settings to ensure clear communication between multiple team members.

Durable Communication Tools as Tough as the Job Itself

Construction work requires tools that are built to last. Equipment that is resistant to water, chemical, dust and shock damage is important to guarantee longevity in challenging environments and working conditions. Equipment that can withstand short falls from accidental drops is also key to ensuring hardware remains operational after accidents.

Modern IP67 rated two-way radios are manufactured to be virtually dust proof and water resistant, keeping them functional even in rough working conditions.

Communication Solutions for Challenging Environments

In demanding work environments where work can take place over long periods of time – or over multiple shifts such as overnight in road construction and maintenance – you need a communication tool that provides longer coverage and battery life.

Modern day two-way radio batteries can withhold enough charge to last anywhere between 19 hours to several days’ worth of device life. This stamina ensures they can be used between different workers throughout day and night shifts.

As Australia’s city limits grow, demand in outer suburbs to build new developments in remote and disconnected regions. This presents construction teams with a challenge to ensure their communication methods operate in locations free from cellular signal and internet access.

Two-way radios prove a reliable tool even in the most remote regions and can transmit signal up to 10km in open areas without the need for pre-existing communication networks. This allows them to operate optimally between long work sites such as developments spanning multiple locations, highway, road or railway construction, as well as underground within mining construction or tunnels.

CSE Crosscom Solutions for the Construction Industry

CSE Crosscom offers scalable two-way radio solutions to suit construction projects of any size and location. From two-way radios for purchase or hire, network development, site security and personnel safety, we can develop a customised system to suit your requirements.

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