CSE Crosscom Announce New Connected Vehicle Technology

Melbourne, Australia: CSE Crosscom is pleased to announce the launch of its new ‘connected vehicle’ technology—a comprehensive voice and data telecommunications solution for fleet management Australia-wide.

Powered by CSE Crosscom’s Orion Network, the connected vehicle offering augments existing digital mobile radio technology for fleet vehicles with integrated mobile devices.

The system transmits real-time data from the vehicle to cloud servers in Australian data-centres, allowing organisations to measure and optimise the performance of fleet vehicles and staff, carry out comprehensive risk management and communicate more effectively with drivers and field workers.

“The connected vehicle technology is designed to address a range of business problems,” says CSE Crosscom’s Innovation Manager James Holmes.

“For buses, we can accurately count passengers to measure actual patronage, for garbage trucks we can measure where and when collections are made. The system gives visibility and monitoring capabilities back to the actual business, information they couldn’t otherwise see.”

Designed for industries including logistics, government, waste management, utilities and construction, the connected vehicle also captures engine data including fuel consumption, kilometres travelled, maintenance issues and service history.

Drivers have access to sophisticated navigation tools with integrated safety cameras, as well as detailed alerts from supervisors, messaging services and real-time video streaming from vehicle and on-body cameras. Supervisors will be better placed to support staff and measure performance, including the timeliness and efficiency of services carried out and the appropriate usage of vehicles.

The technology’s modular design means companies can pick and choose the applications which are best suited to them, ensuring they are paying for only the crucial voice and data communications which serve their business strategy.

“Many of our customers are subcontractors or private operators in industries which are highly incentivised around reducing operational costs, which in turn demands investment in identifying commercial advantages to differentiate themselves,” Holmes explains. “They are looking to our data to justify the quality and efficiency of the services they provide.”

The Orion Network’s digital mobile radio technology is already fitted in tens of thousands of fleet vehicles across Australia. CSE Crosscom and their Orion partners are currently working with government and private customers to roll out the connected vehicle solution, with a detailed consultation process designed to reduce the complexity and risks of implementation, and bespoke to business needs.

“Our connected vehicle offering with digital mobile radio integration is the first of its kind in Australia,” says Holmes. “We’re quite unique in that space. As a systems integrator, we’re working with our vendor partners to create client-based solutions, one at a time, and delivering on them.”