CSE Global’s COVID-19 Response

MELBOURNE, Australia – CSE Global (Australia/New Zealand) provide an update on what we are doing in response to COVID-19 to ensure we continue providing you with our services and support through this uncertain time.

Essential Services Support Provider

As we are an acknowledged provider to customers operating in “essential services” we have kept our business operating at levels where we have not yet had to make any reductions to our operational staffing levels. Should the escalation rise to a total lock down, we are assured of our right to keep our operations going, which means you can be confident we will have resources in place to support you.

COVID-19 Business Continuity Planning Group (BCPG)

It would be easy for our management team to become overwhelmed dealing with coronavirus issues and as a result, having less time to focus on day-to-day operations. To avoid that happening, our BCPG ensures that our management team are kept up-to-date on the latest news and advice from governments; safety and extra hygiene standards are maintained; communication plans are in place, and that all precautionary measures and actions are regularly reviewed and documented.

Our Business Operations

Our operations across ANZ continue to operate with our people either at work in the office maintaining distancing rules, from our customer sites, or from home. Everyone is productive. Supervision and “wellbeing checks” of people at home is maintained through our upgraded IT infrastructure. We have been able to rotate sales and administrative staff on leave schedules and will continue to use this option as is necessary throughout this time.

Customer Meetings

We respectfully request that communications with your CSE contact are conducted via phone, text, email or video conferencing. Where it is necessary to meet in person to conduct inspections or work, we will of course make the necessary arrangements for this to occur.

Work Attendance

Our team understand they are must not come to work if they or any of their family members are feeling any symptoms associated with the coronavirus. They are instructed to call their manager and then contact their doctor. Steps for returning to work are stipulated in our internal communications plan.

Customer Sites

We will require a copy of our customer’s work site COVID-19 plan before commencing work.


We have bulk ordered extra stock. Whilst we do our best to anticipate our customer’s forward needs, we would ask that you advise your CSE contact of any specific requirements you may have in the next months. There is no obligation to place orders, but we feel that forewarned is best in this time of uncertainty.

Critical Communications

Our Orion Network, spanning Australia and New Zealand, continues operations 24/7 and with support from our 3 remotely enabled NOC’s ensures our customers remain connected to their workforce in the event carrier services ever go off air.

It is our goal to continue providing you with support during this time of uncertainty. For any specific concerns or additional requests for information, please contact your CSE representative, or alternatively feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your valued support.