CSE Crosscom’s ‘Push-To-Talk’ Mobile App Enables Instant Team Communications

MELBOURNE, Australia – As businesses shift their operations online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CSE Crosscom is offering its game-changing push-to-talk mobile app to remote workforces Australia-wide.

Powered by platforms such as Motorola’s Wave PTX or TurboVoice technology, the app enables instant, unified team communications, bringing the speed and simplicity of two-way-radio communications to smart phone users during this critical time.

“As more people than ever before are forced to work from home, much of the instant daily correspondence that happens in staff meetings and more casual desk-side chats is lost,” says Alistair Tibballs, General Manager of CSE Crosscom.

This communication void makes it far more difficult for managers to monitor and motivate staff and to mitigate risk, as well as for teams to work together to bring complex projects to completion, according to Alistair Tibballs.

“A Zoom or Skype call isn’t always practical or possible for many industries, particularly those where there is constant dialogue required throughout the day,” he continued. “And with home internet usage up 50% in many parts of the world, there are some legitimate concerns around internet speeds adversely impacting video conferencing capabilities.”

“That’s where our push-to-talk app comes in—you are instantly in touch with your team at the click of a button, in a manner that doesn’t interfere with your home-internet capacity.”

Easily downloadable to any smartphone device, the app facilitates ‘chat groups’ for streamlined push-to-talk team communications, as well as one-on-one chats, real-time video calls, multimedia sharing, emergency management via a panic button and location tracking.

Featuring monthly per-user subscriptions with no lock-in contracts, it’s a cost-efficient model that is allowing business to quickly scale to meet their needs as the pandemic evolves.

Importantly, the push-to-talk mobile app connects seamlessly with existing two-way radio devices—meaning that current customers with an Orion Network subscription can enable workplace-wide, unified communications connecting both radio and smartphone users.

“Across Australia, we already have several major hospitals, schools, public transport networks and airports connected to the Orion Network, but due to budgeting limits, deployment sits at around 10-20% of the workforce,” says CSE Crosscom’s Innovation Manager James Holmes.

“The push-to-talk mobile app presents an opportunity to significantly broaden and share the benefits of this rapidly scalable communication network, without the capital outlay for new hardware.”