Marine Tracking

CSE Crosscom enhances everyday operations, surges and extreme peak pressures on port operations with solutions that connect workforces across diverse environments and transfer information, even in the most challenging marine environments.

Port management and maritime communications systems for shipping, defence and offshore operations

CSE Crosscom designs and delivers industry-leading maritime asset tracking and communications systems. From single AIS base stations to multiple radar arrays, CCTV, comprehensive data management and real-time monitoring systems, we have the capacity to meet project requirements of any size in the most challenging marine environments.

Our reputation is built on a solid track record of serviceability and scale. With experience spanning more than half a century and a workforce based wholly in Australia, our team is uniquely positioned to provide turnkey offerings for defence, port management and offshore operations.

IntelliPort – delivering port intelligence for safe asset management

IntelliPort is a fully customisable digital platform which brings together critical data on maritime and land assets in a single user interface for powerful decision making. Ports and shipping operators must innovate to ensure rapid turnaround times for logistic operators and secure profitable revenue streams.

The IntelliPort dashboard allows users to oversee the operation of port infrastructure, the movement of ships, and the location of key personnel and logistics assets. With integrated tracking and geofencing capabilities, IntelliPort delivers a safer, more efficient and empowered operation.

Maritime communications and monitoring solutions for any situation

Using data from both AIS and radar systems, the Australian-engineered IntelliPort software plots fleet and asset movements on vector-based nautical charts (ENC) or digital satellite imagery, allowing for accurate geofencing, exclusion zone tracking and collision avoidance. Tailored automatic alerts and customised user security levels ensure total situational awareness and data security, keeping ships on course and waterways safer.

Unrivalled marine surveillance and decision-making capability

A real-time collaboration platform, harbour masters are connected to VTS Operators, tug captains and other specialised personnel and equipment with a full view of charting activities, for enhanced prediction, visibility and management capability. Maritime assets, port machinery and key personnel can be mapped and tracked on the same interface.

  • Administration – the VTS Supervisor is in control, assigning custom roles, responsibilities and access levels to other users.
  • Ships and tug captains – vessels remain connected to the control room via radio.
  • Equipment status and positions – ground positions of loaders, cranes, forklifts and other port equipment are monitored via customised telemetry.
  • Emergency Response – geofencing and tailored alerts trigger instant incident responses.

A proven process for maritime operations

Efficient delivery of a maritime traffic management system starts with a tried and tested methodology. From execution through to practical completion, CSE Crosscom maintain overarching responsibility and control, ensuring each project is managed and structured according to clearly established project objectives and risk management protocols

We help you manage KPIs and contracted compliance targets for construction works, operating under the highest standards of engineering and quality management.