Point and Point & Multipoint Radio Systems

Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint wireless radio systems are a form of linking and backhaul connectivity.

Targeted, Undisrupted Communications for Business 

Point-to-point (PtP) wireless systems are a direct form of connectivity consisting of a bi-directional data transmission between two end points. Point-to-Point systems are commonly implemented in situations where uninterrupted, fast and impenetrable communication between two line-of-sight (LOS) end-points are required.

Point to Multipoint (PtMP) wireless links are commonly used to provide network connectivity to sites, trailers, offices and devices. Unlike Point-to-Point systems, PtMP systems are implemented to connect multiple subscribers to a singular access point, so long as the subscribers are located within the prescribed antenna footprint (typically 90- or 120-degree sectors and with line-of-sight to the access point). Multiple access points may be installed on a single tower to provide 360-degree coverage.

CSE Crosscom are experts in the design and implementation of Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint wireless radio systems, customising the design and specifications to best suit the needs of the end user.

Comparison of General PtP and PtMP Wireless System Setups

  • Works best for long/short haul connectivity between two end-point transceivers
  • End-users harnesses the entire network link capacity
  • The transceivers must have line-of-sight to function
  • Suitable for users requiring efficient bidirectional data transmission for bulk backhaul

What will Work Best for me? A Point-to-Point, or a Point-to-Multipoint System?

Whether a user requires a Point-to-Point, or a Point-to-Multipoint system depends on a variety of factors, including desired throughput, coverage area and expanse of users, to name a few.

Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint systems can be established on either unlicensed and licensed frequencies, however, amongst the industries we service, CSE Crosscom generally recommends licensed links for security and reliability.

We Work with Clients from System Design to Implementation

The first step to determining the best PtP or PtMP solution for a business begins with asking the right questions. This ensures that both CSE Crosscom and our clients have a clear vision with well-defined parameters of what the new system is hoping to achieve.

These details feed into the first phase of solution design, whereby CSE Crosscom translates the requirements into our planning software to map out and visualise where equipment and infrastructure can be placed to optimise connectivity.

Multiple factors are considered during the high-level system design including, operational frequencies for the links and any other ancillary communications requirements or technologies that the transmission system is to support.

Once all aspects of high-level design are agreed, CSE Crosscom prepares an estimate to price up the system in its entirety and tenders to roll out a complete, turnkey solution.

If successful, CSE Crosscom is ideally positioned to commence works and manage all aspects of installation and commissioning. Having the project overseen by CSE Crosscom ensures a seamless process from start to finish. Beyond this, CSE Crosscom also offers 24/7 emergency maintenance and repair services, providing further assurance of an optimised solution in the long-term.