Push to Talk

CSE Crosscom Push-to-Talk Solutions: Push-to-Talk radio and Push-to-Talk Over Cellular

Push-to-Talk (PTT) solutions, as the name suggests, consists of devices that enable instant communication, at the push of a button.

There are two main product sub-categories that fall under the umbrella of PTT solutions. The first are pure Push-to-Talk radio devices, which operate independently on a dedicated radio network. These devices can be either analogue or digital, although comparative to their analogue counterpart, digital Push-to-Talk radios possess a host of additional features.

The second sub-category of PTT solutions is Push-to-Talk-over-Cellular (PTToC) devices; otherwise known simply as Push-over-Cellular (PoC). PTToC devices leverage mobile networks, roaming to select the best available signal depending on a user’s location at the time.

CSE Crosscom offers an extensive range of both Push-to-Talk and Push-to-Talk over Cellular devices. However, the decision to opt for PTT or PTToC can depend heavily on the device use case. Before making a decision, we recommend consulting our expert communications technicians to determine the best solution for your unique requirements.

CSE Crosscom PTT and PTToc Device Ranges

Motorola WAVE PTX enables superior workforce management and visibility. This software is deployable on mobile phones in app form, as a console on PC, or as a BYOD solution on a team’s own device of choice.

When utilised on dedicated WAVE TLK series devices, users can optimally consolidate the benefits of a rugged two-way radio – with the extensive coverage of a carrier independent mobile network.

Prominent features include enhanced audio, Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS location tracking. An added benefit of WAVE PTX is the ability to natively integrate/communicate between devices within this range and that of MOTOTRBO.

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