Advance Communications and Security Solutions for the Construction Industry

The construction sector is one of the largest industries in Australia. Whether working in civil, mining, rail, or road construction – the need for a reliable communication and security solution is paramount to enable worker transparency, as well as public accountability.

Designing and delivering innovative, custom solutions in the construction sector requires a combination of technological expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry at large.

CSE Crosscom delivers scalable and reliable communications and security solutions designed for construction sites to enhance connectivity and safety.

Leading Capabilities for Safe and Connected Construction Sites

In order to maintain both safety and efficiency while working in potentially hazardous environments, it’s essential for workers to have clear, reliable communications and security systems.

Seamless Connectivity for Optimised Efficiency

Accelerate productivity and improve connectivity with the ability to seamlessly communicate to a fleet of workers simultaneously, even across multiple sites. Powered by leading technology, eliminate dead zones with wide area coverage and enable workers to stay connected between cellular and radio devices.

Two-way radios offer unique features including push to talk, asset and personnel tracking to deliver uninterrupted communications. Particularly if you compare radio technology to that of mobile phones where communications often result in people talking over one another, unlike radio communications, which prioritises the individual who has first pushed to talk.

Regardless of cellular signal, a radio will remain connected. This is particularly advantageous to remote work sites – as work operations and general staff safety can be greatly impeded by an inability to communicate and coordinate effectively.

Durability to Withstand Harsh Environments

Operate with confidence and minimise downtime with a communication solution that meets the demands of a busy construction site. CSE Crosscom’s versatile range of digital radios are IP rated for suitability to both indoor and outdoor operating environments. Shock, water, weather and dust resistance make a digital radio solution well-adjusted to the demands of construction or labour-based work.

Jobsites are often loud due to the use of industrial tools and equipment, so clear audio is a must. Voice quality on digital radios is consistent over the coverage area and has the ability to significantly lessen background interference, meaning you can get your message across the first time, every time. From superior battery life to enhanced audio and noise cancellation capabilities, two-way radios host a range of features that help improve communication on construction sites.

Solutions to Enhance Worker and Site Safety

Construction sites are busy and dangerous places with large operational machinery, sharp tools and working in environments where hazardous materials may be present. These uncertain working conditions can lead to accidents and injuries.

The digital two-way radios offer a variety of features to improve the safety and efficiency on construction sites including Lone Worker and Mandown alerts, Emergency Panic Buttons to send emergency alert tones directly to other radio users via text or voice, and Emergency Freeze functionality providing an alert to all staff or selected groups to stop all operations in an emergency.

Digital radios possessing inbuilt GPS functionality also enable project management staff to maintain clear oversight of employee and equipment locations, enhancing safety and accountability on site.

Integrated Security Solutions for Greater Site Protection

On large-scale, long-term construction sites, where expensive equipment or machinery are kept on premises – security becomes a must. Prevention or management of theft and vandalism, safeguarding your teams, and ensuring that workers meet safety protocols are some of the many benefits of an integrated security solution. A solution from CSE Crosscom includes the following features:

  • Superior image quality, day or night
  • Wireless connectivity and remote-control capabilities
  • Connection to the cloud
  • Live and on-demand viewing
  • Intelligent Motion Detection
  • Remote Gate Access

Communication Systems and Infrastructure

Our expertise in TETRA, DMR, Analogue, P25, private networks and communication infrastructure installation allows us to achieve interoperability across platforms and integrate broader technologies to meet your site demands and withstand harsh environments.

IP Site Connect

Utilising the internet, extend the coverage of your communication system no matter where you’re located. Communicate among geographically dispersed locations with ease through an IP network.

Capacity Plus

An enhanced, single-site solution that enables over one thousand users to share voice and data on the same system. Capacity Plus is ideal for those needing to share large amounts of data quickly and securely.

Wireless Emergency and Alarm

Global market leader, WES, delivers a scalable, 100% wireless fire detection and safety system that meets and exceeds Health and Safety requirements set out for the Australian and New Zealand construction industry.

WES units are compact, robust, simple to install, easy to maintain and come backed with an impressive 3-year standard battery life and 5-year unit life cycle, which means multiple uses over multiple projects with less wastage.

Cellular Extenders and Antennas

Where back-to-back radio coverage is not feasible, we use omni antennas or repeaters to boost the quality of the transmission to the edge.

Where there is a need to improve the coverage of mobile networks at the site, cellular extenders connect with nearby cellular towers to avoid blackspots.

Crane Communications

Utilising a dedicated antenna system and battery back up to the AC radio power supply, CSE Crosscom ensures crane operators receive clear messages without interference, even during a possible AC power failure at the crane.

ACMA Licensing

With dedicated licenses from ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority), you will be granted the exclusive use of a frequency for your location, eliminating interference and increasing productivity.

CSE Crosscom determines the right license for you (analogue, digital, local site, statewide or Australia-wide) and manages the process to provide dedicated licenses for your radios, base stations or repeaters.

CSE Crosscom designs and delivers the right solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations

CSE Crosscom has a history of delivering telecommunications projects to the Australian Construction industry spanning 30 years. With a presence in each state of Australia and both North and South islands in New Zealand, CSE Crosscom offers a wide range of services ensuring your projects have the same high-quality standards provided by our local teams.

We partner with our customers to develop innovative, cost-effective two-way radio systems and networks for your construction sites regardless of how small or how big the project is.

At CSE Crosscom, we know how unreliable communications at a construction site may result in delays in projects, costing valuable time and money for the companies. Our solutions aim to improve workplace safety and connectivity, organisational productivity and operational performance to enhance construction projects.

Each construction site is unique, there are many different roles on every site requiring different communication needs.

CSE Crosscom is a multi-vendor dealer, which enables us to assess industry and site requirements and make recommendations based on unique operational and financial differentiators. Our relationship with these global brands ensures we are always up to date with the latest in voice and data tools and applications.

With a wide range of radios spanning every business need, we can offer the perfect fit for your construction site with compatible accessories that improve safety and functionality for workers.