Asset Management

An asset management solution records data and tracks assets throughout a given cycle, giving you core operational oversight and benefiting your bottom line.

Software that provides transparency in inventory and operations.

CSE Crosscom has worked extensively with a range of industries whose operations at scale rely heavily not just on good communications technology, but superior asset management software to keep their business moving efficiently and effectively.

Software of this nature comes in many different forms and has tailored use-case specifications, meaning that clients can select a solution on a needs basis and streamline what would otherwise be a daunting undertaking.

Business critical matters and assorted spotfires that arise tend to push asset management down the list of priorities. Having a dedicated solution that records data and tracks assets throughout a given cycle – from procurement through to disposal – companies are granted oversight in core operational areas, such as asset location, asset use metrics and users without the need for extensive time commitment.

Hosted on an easy-to-use dashboard, an asset management solution consolidates all critical tasks and is compatible with relevant devices, such as desktop, mobile and tablet.

Key Benefits of an Asset Management Solution

  • Tracking, data capture and reporting at all stages of asset lifetime – from acquisition and maintenance, right through to cessation.
  • Improved compliance through precise, detailed recordkeeping and reporting.
  • Monitor asset use trends and performance, using data to execute operational improvements as required.
  • Notification of asset milestones, such as scheduled equipment servicing requirements or recurring routine inspections, ensuring equipment is well maintained (ultimately maximising lifetime/preventing early replacement).
  • Access to product history and overview, systemically storing relevant details such as date of purchase, manufacturer, serial number, product model etc.

Combining the capabilities of radio technology and telemetry, fleet tracking solutions allow organisations to manage and utilise fleets more effectively for increased productivity.

From tracking fleets in real-time to reporting and status updates, fleet tracking enables time and cost-saving efficiencies.

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