Uninterrupted, Unbreakable Communications in the Utilities Sector, Enhancing Management and Service Capabilities

Keeping utility workers safe and connected at scale, at any time

Workers in the utilities sector operate across large distances to undertake contracted jobs. From water companies and large-scale electricity providers to gas companies, the utilities sector is comprised of many roles, all with one unified need: a solution that can keep up with scaled communication requirements in various operating environments, Australia-wide.

CSE Crosscom has the necessary expertise to set up these technically complex, large-scale networks with offices in all major cities of Australia.

Why is a Reliable Network and Supporting Communication Solution Crucial in the Utilities Sector?

To improve operations and safety, utilities are implementing and updating their communication and security solutions to enable distribution and substation automation functionality.

Across the utility sector, workers are faced with many risks. Some of these risks are unique to one occupation, whereas others are common among all. Some of the most prevalent shared risks include the following:

Enabling Productivity with Advanced and Safety and Security

Even if the most stringent of safety protocols are taken, workers are never 100% protected from the risks that working in remote and harsh environments can pose. The best investment that an employer can make for their utility workers is in technology that does not falter and caters to emergency or man-down scenarios.

A lone worker safety monitoring system is commonly requested from CSE Crosscom’s utility customers – and it is easy to understand why. Even across vast operational areas, CSE Crosscom’s dispatch capabilities allow predefined geographical areas, automated messaging, area-restricted speed limits and lone worker notifications. Each solution is specially configured to the unique requirements of our utility customers to protect staff and detect when a worker is in danger with advanced safety features and instant communication.

Secure digital mobile radio infrastructure has allowed for drastic improvement in voice and data traffic with utility customers now able to leverage digital radio networks to send messages, undertake group calls, and haul telematics data and location data to improve productivity and efficiency across the workforce.

Networks, Radio and GPS in Gas / Water / Electrical Crisis Management Scenarios

Working with water, electricity, or a combustible, such as gas, can be unpredictable. If a crisis emerges, having a network and supporting technology that enables coordination and effective communication will result in better management outcomes.

In Australia, for example, bushfire season puts utilities workers on high alert, as they are often called out alongside emergency services workers to respond to distress calls where electrical or gas infrastructure needs tending to.

In such scenarios, being able to talk across groups via reliable, instant radio communications and GPS allows for effective management, as well as ensuring the safety of their people.

Radio Communications in Confined Spaces

Depending on the requirements of a contracted job, utilities workers may find themselves working in constricted spaces. Because of capacity limitations, there may only be a small number of workers in this space at a given time – or if working underground there may be an individual monitoring at the surface whilst another conducts installation, maintenance or inspection works.

Being able to communicate clearly when entering situations such as underground operations is critical to ensuring that a worker can check in with a co-worker and provide updates on the status of a job or notify others should anything go wrong.

Network Reliability When Travelling to Remote Locations

Workers in the utilities sector travel considerable distances when contracted to perform jobs. Particularly in scenarios where works are in remote locations or in severe weather events, having network coverage and large-scale mobilisation is essential. This coverage can be guaranteed through the convergence of radio and 5G/LTE solutions, allowing seamless roaming between networks.

Technology Solutions Built for Utilities

Digital Mobile Radio Network

DMR TIER 3 trunked network, P25 and TETRA systems offer excellent coverage and capabilities, offering interoperability and flexibility for a cost-effective solution. CSE Crosscom delivers a wide range of two-way radio communication for utility customers.

Dispatch Console

Software-based dispatch capability allows GPS tracking, voice recording, messaging, and analytics. CSE Crosscom supports a variety of software applications that are based on the latest technology and fully integrated with your radio network, allowing coordination with teams through a contact and command centre.

End User Solutions

Two-way radios, smart radios and digital applications offer instant push-to-talk communication allowing users to have situation awareness, and coordination to improve emergency responses. For customers using more than one device, the convergence of technology, device rationalisation and management has significantly improved to ensure standardisation and reduce device management costs while maintaining corporate cyber standards.

Network Monitoring

Improve control over your network with System Advisor and third-party applications, offering real-time monitoring and management of your radio network. CSE Crosscom qualitatively measures and reports for continuous improvement to ensure reliable network availability and service delivery.

Tower Infrastructure

To optimise coverage and transmission of communications, CSE Crosscom utilises state-of-the-art, sustainable antenna, tower and shelter infrastructure.


CSE Crosscom delivers Microwave and IP-based back-haul infrastructure to securely and seamlessly transport critical data back to the central servers, enhancing site connectivity and communications.

Engage an expert at any or all stages of your project – CSE Crosscom has the capabilities and experience to provide full service across Telecommunications Infrastructure:

Across the utilities sector, CSE Crosscom offers end-to-end services from planning and network design to recommendations, engineering, implementation, and support and maintenance of the infrastructure once delivered. As a preferred supplier of industry-leading products and associated services, CSE Crosscom delivers the technology to optimise solutions for our customers.

Consulting and Scoping

Whether you are starting from scratch, upgrading, or integrating new technology within existing systems, CSE Crosscom’s local telecommunications system engineers have the experience and innovation to ensure that your system is designed to meet your needs.

Specialising in bespoke solutions, backed by decades of experience in all areas of systems engineering and telecommunications, CSE Crosscom takes the time to review your operations and current network to identify shortfalls or improvements to enhance connectivity and safety.

Network Design

CSE Crosscom has designed and delivered some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest and most complex telecommunication network projects. Drawing together a diverse range of technologies and experience, CSE Crosscom can expertly design whole-of-life solutions for our customers.

Supported by our network of 18 offices across Australia and New Zealand, CSE Crosscom has the extensive reach and capabilities to implement the unique and large-scale networks required by the utilities sector.

Product Procurement

To support the implementation of a wide area network (WAN), CSE Crosscom recommends the use of quality supporting products. In addition to the implementation of a wide area network, commonly purchased products and solutions include:

  • Two Way Radios
  • Dispatch Console Applications
  • GPS Locations applications
  • Voice recording applications
  • Routers
  • Repeaters
  • Tower infrastructure including shelters
  • Network monitoring tools and systems
  • Microwave solutions
  • Emerging technologies in video and security solutions

Maintenance and Training

Managing teams across regional and metropolitan areas, CSE Crosscom is proud to provide a service that includes centralised dispatch – to manage entire teams from a single location.

Working across diverse fleets in mission-critical situations requires sufficient training. CSE Crosscom offers training to utilities customers to ensure your teams are prepared to optimise the network and its capabilities.