Control Room

No matter the industry, control rooms offer reliability, scalability, interoperability, and a wide range of benefits to deliver an intelligent tailored solution.

Centralised Ecosystem Designed to Maximise Business Performance and Personnel Safety

Control rooms are a central command centre and monitoring station within a facility with the purpose of managing security, safety and operational processes. With applications across a multitude of industries, control rooms allow businesses to have a complete overview of operations through the combination of cutting-edge software, surveillance and two-way radio technology.

In partnership with Motorola Solutions and TRBOnet, CSE Crosscom delivers integrated control room solutions, providing end-to-end consultancy services through to the deployment of equipment and technology. Employing dynamic communication technology, control room solutions equip your organisation with enhanced productivity and safety tools to reach your maximum potential.

Tailored to your business

Backed by years of experience, CSE Crosscom’s expertise lies in understanding and predicting your organisation’s needs. We apply this thoughtfully to the design of software and hardware deployment – with consideration of your specifications and functional requirements – through to the installation and integration of technology across all new and existing equipment. Designed for all operating situations, particularly mission-critical environments, control room solutions continue to serve countless benefits.

Benefits of a Control Room Solution

Uniting reliable equipment with feature-rich software, our control room solutions provide businesses with comprehensive functions that minimise human error and maximise performance and safety for your team. From job ticketing and event logging to asset tracking and emergency triggers, the diverse features allow operators to make timely and accurate decisions in even the most challenging of environments.

TRBOnet – Global Leader in DMR Applications

An award-winning software application and hardware provider, TRBOnet utilises two-way radio systems across its suite of digital control room technology to deliver a seamless solution that maintains visibility, control and safety.

TRBOnet Plus is a professional grade application designed for the control room responsible for dispatch management and large fleets. An advanced application, TRBOnet Plus enables control centre operators to monitor audio, collect data and view the locations of people, vehicles and assets in real-time.

Supporting digital as well as analogue channels, TRBOnet Plus enables rapid response in an emergency, reaching connected drivers and linking to multiple agencies or departments at the touch of a button by the dispatcher.

Benefits of Communication Apps

  • Group and private voice calls
  • Voice Recording and Event Logging
  • Text and multimedia sharing
  • Online Status and Maps
  • Emergency Button
  • Efficient communication and response to emergencies
  • Asset tracking
  • Personnel safety
  • Unit monitoring