Keeping your mobile workforce connected

From airports, buses, tram and railways to sophisticated driverless vehicles, the transport industry has evolved through the development of innovative technologies. Keep your communications up to date with innovative solutions designed for the transport industry. CSE Crosscom enables seamless connectivity for operational mobility in the field, even across extensive fleets and remote locations.

With highly flexible and scalable transport communications solutions tailored to each customer you can know what is happening with your team members at any time and utilise critical data when it’s needed most for a safer, more productive work environment.

Leveraging Communication Solutions for data driven operations

Across the transport industry, workers are faced with many operational and safety risks. Keeping your teams connected is essential to meeting the demands of the industry and providing a safe workplace. CSE Crosscom’s innovative solutions address key challenges to optimise your operations and safety.

Enhanced Worker and Customer Safety

Ensuring worker safety remains a top priority for transport companies around the world and keeping your team connected and informed is essential for a safe and efficient workplace. Enabling scalable and reliable connectivity facilitates a greater level of confidence for your teams, and lone and remote workers, knowing support can be reached at any time, and reduced response times if an incident occurs.

Optimise Efficiency with Seamless Connectivity

With the ability to seamlessly communicate to a fleet of workers, no matter where they are located, accelerate operational efficiencies and deliver more information to operations teams to optimise fleet sizes and capacity while containing costs and improving outcomes. Powered by leading technology with unique features including personnel tracking, eliminate dead zones and enable workers to stay connected between cellular and radio devices, across regional and remote areas.

Improve Service Delivery and Explore New Delivery Models

Operate with confidence, minimise downtime, and explore innovative models for service delivery with a communication solution that meets the demands of the transport industry.

Last minute changes, unscheduled pick-ups or delays on the road all create barriers to on time delivery. Leveraging real-time data from fleets, including accurately understanding vehicle locations and status, allows a dynamic response to the delivery of service. Communicating this status with your customers ensures a higher level of engagement and improves satisfaction.

Technology solutions for built for the Transport industry

Digital Mobile Radio Network

DMR TIER 3 provides business critical voice and 2 min poling GPS tracking, offering excellent coverage and capabilities, with interoperability and flexibility. This hardware can be upgraded with an Enhanced Option Board which unlocks more granular tracking, geofence channel change, dynamic regrouping and PA announcement functionality.

Dispatch Console

Software-based dispatch capability allows GPS tracking, Geofencing, Scheduled Alerts, Duress Alarms and Reporting. CSE Crosscom supports a variety of software applications that are based on the latest technology and fully integrated with your radio network, allowing coordination with teams through a contact and command centre.

Network Connectivity

Improve control over your network with the Transport industry (Buses, Freight, Concrete Mini Mix) use the Orion Network our national DMR Network for coverage in Metro and some regional areas and WAVE PTX our 4G Application for anywhere outside of the DMR Radio coverage footprint. CSE Crosscom qualitatively measures and reports for continuous improvement to ensure reliable network availability and service delivery.

Engine Data Hardware

Engine Data Hardware can be added to gather driver behaviour (harsh braking, acceleration, cornering) engine data and fuel usage. Any data vehicle CAN BUS has can pulled and used for safety or fleet efficiency.

Driver Identification

Vehicle FOB for driver identification can be added to give accuracy on who is driving the vehicle in relation to any of the data metrics.

Driver identification can also be used to run work time reporting, industries have strict regulations on the number of hours worked before a break must be had. Our solutions can set up alerts and warnings both to the driver and dispatchers/managers.

From scoping and designing to delivery and support, CSE Crosscom delivers solutions tailored to our transport customers

CSE Crosscom offers end-to-end communication and security solutions from planning and network design to engineering, implementation, and support and maintenance of the infrastructure for a scalable solution fit for the future. As a preferred supplier of industry-leading products and associated services, CSE Crosscom delivers innovative technology to develop tailored solutions for our customers.

Whether you are starting from scratch, upgrading, or integrating new technology within existing systems, CSE Crosscom’s local specialists have the experience and innovation to ensure that your system is designed to meet your needs.

Specialising in bespoke solutions, backed by decades of experience in all areas of systems engineering and telecommunications, CSE Crosscom takes the time to understand your operations and the duties of each role to identify your requirements and the technology best suited to enhance connectivity and safety.

Recent Work

Main Roads WA 2023 Solar Eclipse

To manage and coordinate the expected influx of over 30,000 people to the Exmouth region for the viewing of the rare Solar Eclipse in April 2023, CSE Crosscom set up a reliable temporary critical voice communications system to help Main Roads coordinate traffic management and manage emergency situations during this historic event.