Digital solutions for safe and efficient mining operations

Designing industry-leading communication solutions for the mining sector takes more than just technology it takes an in-depth understanding of arduous mine-site conditions, plus comprehensive industry expertise in safety, risk management, asset monitoring and systems architecture.

With extensive experience in the Australian mining sector, CSE Crosscom is driving success for customers by keeping teams safe, improving performance and maintaining critical operations. We design, install and commission communications infrastructure and equipment in demanding environments, with highly specialised, end-to-end solutions.

Powering Productive Teams

With a reputation built on a track record of serviceability and scale, from general surface and open-cut operations to treatment plants and underground services, CSE Crosscom has the capacity to meet both small and large project requirements across the entire mine life cycle.

CSE Crosscom’s solutions go far beyond the traditional capabilities of two-way radio—providing mine-site-wide connectivity and data intelligence to transform your business operations and empower people to get the job done with greater ease, efficiency and safety.

Technology solutions for intelligent mines

Critical communications – Two Way Radio

We protect people and assets 24/7, putting in place the right commercial radio system for your environment to ensure continuous operability and performance. Our expertise in TETRA, DMR, Analogue, P25 and private networks allows us to achieve interoperability across platforms and integrate broader technologies that use radio frequency.

LTE Network

Accelerate productivity and safety on site with an LTE network. Enabling wide area, above and below surface coverage with fast data speeds, upgrading to a 4G LTE network allows unified mine site communications and flow of operational data between cellular and radio devices for the most pertinent applications. Take advantage of features including push to talk, asset and personnel tracking and autonomous control of equipment with this easy to install technology.

Tower and Mast Installation and Maintenance

CSE Crosscom’s certified team of experienced riggers and technicians can assist with tower and mast installation and maintenance to meet your site demands, including turnkey solutions for radio, antenna system design, point to point networks and tower installation—purpose-built to withstand harsh environments.

Wireless Data

CSE Crosscom integrates a range of wireless technologies to provide secure high capacity data links for interconnecting radio networks and all modern IP data. This can be used to extend the radio network, video, voice and corporate data or to transport SCADA data from RTU’s and sensors.

Cellular Extenders

The remote nature of mine sites is a challenge to most cellular networks, often leaving teams vulnerable to black spots or without coverage. Our signal boosting technologies amplify and extend mobile device usability connecting with nearby cellular towers to ensure workers stay connected throughout the entire infrastructure ecosystem, from field to plant and accommodation facilities.

Dispatch Console

Optimise command centre operations with our range of dispatch console technologies. Providing a vital link between dispatchers and field personnel, our solutions enable effective safety monitoring, emergency management and mission-critical communication across multiple platforms.

Underground / Tunnel Radio Systems – Leaky Feeder / BDA

An underground innovation, our leaky feeder / BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) solutions allow teams to communicate above and below ground over long distances. Built on proven technologies and industry compliant, we have the expertise to assist with any size project and ensure the seamless transmission of voice and data with a solid and consistent RF performance.

Technology as tough as the job itself

As a leading communication and security system integrator, we design and deliver world-class solutions for the management of critical communications and assets. Using a range of technologies across radio, IP, cellular and LTE, our solutions are engineered to exceed industry standards—and have proven to be rugged, reliable and responsive amid the demanding environments of mining operations.

Our Process

Efficient delivery of projects starts with a tried and tested methodology. From execution through to practical completion, CSE Crosscom maintains overarching responsibility and control to ensure each project is managed and structured according to clearly established project objectives and risk management protocols, operating under the highest standards of engineering and quality management.

Recent Work


CSE Crosscom was contracted by Jacobs to design, supply and install the site radio, point to point microwave links, voting infrastructure, telecommunications SKIDS and other key elements for the construction stage of Rio Tinto's West Angelas C & D area expansion.