Enhance your communications reach and reliability with industry-standard towers and masts.

Extend Your Reach with Custom Communications Towers and Masts

Telecommunication towers serve as essential infrastructure for the transmission and reception of data, voice, and video signals across vast areas. These structures provide the elevation needed to extend the reach of signals, ensuring broader coverage and reliable connectivity for a wide range of applications, from two-way radio, mobile phone calls and internet access to emergency services and broadcasting.

At CSE Crosscom, we offer a range of tower options designed to meet your specific requirements. From robust freestanding towers to more economical guyed masts, we can provide clearance to heights of ~90 metres, ensuring optimal coverage for your communications requirements.

Our towers support various communication equipment, including data links, two-way radio antennas, LTE antennas, microwave PTP and PTMP links. The higher you climb, the wider your coverage; the potential to reach even further is possible when professional design and engineering come into play.

Fully Managed Solutions: Design, Installation, Maintenance

CSE offers an all-inclusive approach to your communication tower needs. We handle everything from sourcing the towers and coordinating installations, to conducting civil works. Our dedicated team oversees the entire process, guaranteeing seamless project management and engineering excellence at each step.

We also offer tower certification, upgrading and repair services to ensure that your infrastructure performs at its optimum.

From Concept to Installation: Our Proven Process

Whether you need to establish a new network or upgrade an existing one, our towers are the ultimate choice for reliable, high-quality communication.

CSE Crosscom follows a proven, systematic approach to meet your unique requirements. We undertake comprehensive studies before engineering a solution that meets your needs. Our design team can install towers in remote areas without concrete by using prefabricated concrete blocks for a more movable fixture, while our expert riggers install antennas, transmitters and other communications equipment.

We use high-quality, local manufacturers that meet stringent Australian standards for quality and safety. All our towers are designed with wind ratings tailored to the region’s specific needs and are cyclone rated for the appropriate locations.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your communications infrastructure requirements.