Video Security

Keep your people and premises safe with the latest innovative video security and safety solutions from CSE Crosscom.

Body Worn Cameras, Fixed Cameras and Video Security systems benefit the wellbeing of workers and civilians

Whether you are considering the implementation of a video security solution, are seeking to enhance worker safety with the aid of body-worn cameras, or are even hoping to integrate supporting analytics tools and safety add-ons through purpose-built applications, CSE Crosscom is the company with the authority and knowledge to recommend and supply high quality, end-to-end video safety and security solutions.

Servicing a number of critical sectors in Australia – including retail and corrections – video, audio and image capturing technologies are providing many and varied benefits to users.

Leveraging our strong relationships with market-leading vendors, CSE Crosscom takes technology and collaborates with our customers to create customised and integrated solutions to suit unique operating circumstances.

Our full range of services from product supply and solution design, to installation and maintenance, is a key differentiator of the CSE Crosscom business from other video security and CCTV providers.

Body Worn Cameras are an increasingly integral technology that improves the safety of your front-line workers and customers by deterring and de-escalating incidents.

With the ability to capture and record at the touch of a button, a Body Worn Camera is the eyes and ears of the wearer – even after the fact – providing evidence and validity in rationale when reviewing incident responses.

CSE Crosscom stocks a range of high-quality, highly functional Body Worn Cameras from leading manufacturers, such as the likes of our Platinum Partner, Motorola Solutions.

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