Keeping remote businesses connected with communication trailers

Mining companies and other industries operating in remote and regional areas can face daunting communication challenges – from unreliable internet connections to subpar onsite communication systems and data transmission.

Traditional reliance on permanent structures like towers, communication huts or transportable units often brings along its own set of limitations, including reduced location flexibility and high costs.

Enter communication trailers – a robust and mobile communications solution offering all the advantages of a fixed communication solution with the added benefit of portability.

In this article, we explore the benefits of communication trailers and how they are a game-changer for remote operations.

What Are Communication Trailers?

Communication trailers have become an increasingly popular solution for providing reliable, versatile and effective communications in remote areas. These mobile communication stations are highly customisable and offer a range of communication signals including radio LTE, microwave and wireless MESH Wi-Fi, allowing for two-way voice and data communication, GPS, and personnel and asset tracking. In addition to communication capabilities, some trailers can also function as lighting sources, allowing work to continue onsite at any time of the day and night.

Communication trailers are available in a temporary or long-term capacity and come equipped with all necessary electronics, antennas and solar power to get up and running quickly. They’re designed to be easy to set up and can be towed by most light vehicles.

Key Benefits Of Communication Trailers

Custom-designed communication trailers provide a highly effective solution for businesses to enhance their communication networks or address connectivity gaps. They come with a host of benefits, making them an indispensable tool for businesses operating in remote areas:

Consistent Coverage and Extended Range: For mining operations which span across vast areas, communication trailers provide an easily transportable solution enabling exploration teams to tow the trailer along with their vehicles, ensuring constant communication access as they move from one location to another. They also provide versatility by expanding a network or eradicating blackspots across difficult land topologies like mine pits and dumps.

Cost-effective: Communication trailers can offer a more affordable alternative to building permanent communication structures. The trailers can act as temporary solutions while more comprehensive communication systems are being established. Even after permanent solutions are in place, communication trailers can be used to extend the range of cellular signals to previously unreachable areas or as operations expand.

Easy To Move: Compared to permanent communications huts which require a crane to be moved, communications trailers offer unparalleled ease of transportation. Lightweight and equipped with axel trailers, most can be towed by any ute with a towball.

Internally Powered: Communication trailers can be equipped with solar panels and battery backups, enabling them to be self-sustaining and adaptable to changing environments without relying on existing power infrastructure.

Cyclone-Proof: Communication trailers are designed to be reliable enough to withstand some of the country’s most remote and hostile environments. During cyclone season, they can be demobilised and safely stowed for protection.

CSE Crosscom – The Leading Choice for Communication Trailer Solutions

When it comes to communication trailer options, CSE Crosscom stands out as the premier choice, offering unparalleled expertise and tailored solutions to meet any challenge.

Trailer Customisations

While other businesses may offer similar products, the CSE Crosscom difference lies in our assurance of selecting the right trailer for each specific solution.

With an experienced team at the helm, our technical specialists can expertly recommend the customised product to meet unique requirements – whether you need radio, cellular, wifi, lighting, CCTV and other monitoring and security systems. We also offer trailers for short-term or long-term hire.

Comprehensive Support From Design To Operation

CSE Crosscom provides a one-stop solution for communication trailers from design to operation. Our experienced team provides continuous support, ensuring comprehensive coverage for any maintenance or repairs needed.

Scheduled cleaning of solar panels is added to client working schedules to ensure efficient energy production. Our tech support team is readily available to access systems remotely to fix problems. With many of our solar management systems featuring 4G technology and a phone app, clients can receive live information about the power supply, battery capacity, load and the expected time of power delivery.

Robust Trailers for Demanding Environments

CSE Crosscom’s trailer solutions embody exceptional durability – they are engineered to be cyclone-proof and fortified with powder-coated galvanized exteriors. This robust construction ensures their prolonged lifespan, safeguarding against both the elements and acts of vandalism.
Furthermore, our trailers are designed to offer effective ventilation and filtration, making them well-suited for use in hot and dusty environments.

Speak to our team about how we can tailor a communication solution to suit your needs.