Remote fleet safety transformed with satellite GPS technology

Where workers are engaged in travel on the road, business operators have a duty of care to keep their roaming workforce safe and connected at all times. That said, when vehicles owned or leased by the organisation venture beyond the metro area, a whole new host of driving risks come into play, from severe weather to vehicle failure or even collision. These risks are heightened without cellular coverage and reduce an organisation’s ability to manage and respond to road traffic risks as part of a safe workplace.

With vehicle use still the most significant contributor to work-related fatalities in Australia, satellite GPS trackers and two-way communication devices are a sure way to provide instant visibility and preventative risk measures for team members in the field.

A new integration between Crosscom’s TurboTrack, Teltonika Telematics and Iridium Edge® is transforming fleet data analytics and management of operational risk in remote areas.

In this insight we explore how the convergence of these systems enhances safety, response time and communication capabilities.

Uninterrupted Universal Coverage You Can Depend on in Regional Australia

Fleets operating in regional and remote Australia face unique conditions and need robust connectivity and telematics platforms to support their safe operation and efficiency. Lone workers travelling between remote locations not only require consistent and reliable communication networks but also guidance on potential safety risks, weather updates and road hazards as they travel to and from disparate sites.

In these regional situations, a new solution leveraging the Iridium Edge® will provide 4G connectivity leveraging high tech satellite technology where radio networks come in and out of range, offering a proven and dependable solution for keeping lone workers connected and aware of potential hazards.

Respond Faster with Precise Location and Real Time Tracking

Even more powerful, when the Iridium Edge® is integrated with Teltonika’s FMC640 handheld device and TurboTrack’s centralised operating platform, control centre managers can review the location of a vehicle anywhere in Australia, as well as respond to emergency duress calls with precision.

Save Critical Time with Emergency SOS Function

A fleet managed vehicle is classed as a ‘workplace, and proactive approaches to a mobile workforce can save lives.

Each Iridium Edge device is equipped with a duress button allowing an SOS to be sent out instantaneously to responders with precise coordinates of where the emergency is located, which can save valuable time during an emergency.

In addition, crash detection features and other peripheral inputs can be programmed to automate notifications relating to driver behaviour should the driver or any passengers be incapacitated or unable to activate the panic button.

Fleet Management Reporting for Greater Operations

Take data analytics and performance management to the next level with detailed reports that encompass vehicle speed, route taken and idle time.

CSE Crosscom’s TurboTrack provides operators with vital behavioural information on vehicle patterns and ultimately driver decision making. The operator platform enables direct communication with drivers who exceed speed limits or established geographic boundaries.

Operators can optimise resource utilisation by gaining valuable insights into travel times and strategically planning the best routes possible. This not only reduces fuel costs but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

CSE Crosscom Solutions for Commercial Drivers

CSE Crosscom offers the TurboTrack in conjunction with Teltonica devices and the Iridium Edge, to provide a complete asset and fleet management tool that can provide vital statistics and performance data to provide concurrent visibility of commercial vehicles on the road.

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